Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council

​Planning and Consultations


Dyrham and Hinton Parish Planning Applications

The Local Planning Authority for Dyrham and Hinton Parish is South Gloucestershire Council.

Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council is automatically notified and consulted on any applications made within the parish boundary, including applications for Certificates of Lawfulness. On many occasions it is also notified of applications that have been made for the surrounding parishes which may affect the residents who live in Dyrham and Hinton. These applications are discussed at Full Council meetings when decisions are taken about whether to object, or not, to the proposals that are being made. Councillors will assess each application on its own merit and have to be mindful of a variety of published planning policy documents as well as local knowledge in these matters. Residents may make their views known to the Parish Council with regard to these applications under the terms of public participation.

To see a current list of 'live' applications, i.e. those which are currently pending consideration for Dyrham and Hinton click on the button below - in the box marked 'Application Details' which appears choose Dyrham and Hinton under 'Parish' and 'Awaiting Decision' under 'Status', then click the Search button at the bottom of the page. Parishioners may also submit comments on applications directly to South Gloucestershire Council before consultation periods close.